Music why study it? This is a very important question for every musician to answer. As a musician, I think its important for one to be clear about why they are pursuing music in the first place and continue to explore that meaning throughout the rest of ones career.

There are so many more important things we need to focus on in the world like: Government, Medicine, Technology...

For me, Music is something that is a never-ending exploration. I have always been infatuated and moved by meaningful pieces of music and I have chosen to take a risk and pursue it as my main craft in life. But Why? I could become a business owner, an employee, a doctor...

Part of it has to do with the fact that I am able to make my own rules, inspire others, and make a decent living while enjoying life to the fullest. I dont think that life should be spent sitting at a desk or doing something I dont enjoy.

But it will only take you so far if you focus just on music for the sake of personal gain and satisfaction. Without a higher purpose, it only becomes a pursuit of ones ego.

One has to figure out his/her own way of using Music to change the world. And even further, its important to constantly redefine that meaning for yourself.

Why do you play music? Why do you think Music is Important?