vivaldi robert mcduffie phiip glass piano violin carnegie hall

A little while back, I got complimentary tickets to see Robert McDuffie and friends perform Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Philip Glass’ Four Seasons at Carnegie Hall

There’s something really monumental and spiritual to see pieces of music that were written 300 years ago.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is one of the greatest Baroque pieces ever written and it has lasted this long for a reason. I never really took notice for it until I saw this performance.

Think about the music you listen to today and how easy it for an amateur musician to throw a few samples together to create a “masterpiece” and receive unbelievable recognition and money.

The music, art, and literature that was written 500 years ago (even 100 years ago) took hours and sometimes years of painstaking trial and error to create the true masterpiece that it is. These are the musicians we should really be celebrating.

The reason why you need to see Classical music live is because it’s one thing to hear it from a radio, but its even more spectacular to see musicians playing and speaking to each other through their instruments. What moved me so much was the way the music became a piece of theater and the musicians, the actors. You begin to understand the true meaning behind the music and you can feel what the music does to the beat of your heart. It’s heart-wrenching gripping drama!

philip glass carnegie hall robert mcduffie vivaldi 4 seasons