Alice Tully Hall is a concert hall located at Broadway and 65th st and is run by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It is located right next to the Juilliard Building. I've played here once before in the brisk weather of January when it was 55 degrees. I like this spot because there is a large overhang which lends itself to some really great acoustics. The sound echos off the walls and people can hear me from blocks away. Sometimes, though, the sounds of the buses passing by can be really loud.

mini white piano. traveling piano at lincoln center

people magazine instagram a photo of us

People Magazine Instagrammed a photo of me

thank you for being the hope and inspiration I needed

This is a note that somsone threw in my bucket.

playing piano at a street fair lincoln center broadway

There was a street fair on the same block one day and I decided to wheel over there and play.

dog hanging from the edge

dog on a piano traveling piano man


Crazy woman eating ice cream next to my piano

Found this one on Instagram.