I rolled my little White Antique piano over to Lincoln Center using the elevators located on 65th street. I love Lincoln center property because of the sense of solitude it brings. The way it was designed and built really gives a calming feeling to a central location in the fast paced Manhattan island. There were about 20 people scattered about near the Vivian Beaumont theater. I rolled by the large manmade pond and past the seating area to a spot where I could bound the sound of my music off the wall. I decided to play a slow, legato piece and it was much easier to connect with the music without the sound of buses and trucks driving by. After a song and the applause of the people listening, one of the security guards came up to me and told me that I had to leave. I didnt argue, but I hope to come back to that location with a permit and play for a few hours.

Brando on the piano dog on a piano


street performing pianist lincoln center


traveling pianist at lincoln center traveling busking pianist


playing piano at lincoln center traveling piano


street piano at lincoln center traveling pianist


traveling pianist piano at lincoln center


playing piano at lincoln center traveling pianist