This is another one of my frequent spots because its so close to where I keep my piano. West Broadway has always been one of my favorite places to walk at night because its really quiet and I love looking at all the storefronts. Being surrounded by the beautiful Warehouse architecture from the late 19th century is also a huge plus for me. The buildings are low and create a great atmosphere. During the day this street is Fashionista avenue with all the trendy clothing stores, galleries, and restaurants. On the weekends all the artists come out and display their work for people to purchase. Its really a great sight and is a fun place to take a stroll through on the weekend. On top of all that, this is where all the beautiful people hang out.

One day while playing in this area a woman comes up to me and asks me if I am free to play at her daughters communion reception. I accepted and got my first paid gig that way. It was a great time.


soho piano man mobile street performer


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Kevin Jonas Instagramed a photo of me.

soho piano man mobile piano mini piano white piano nyc street performer


dog on a piano in soho nyc piano street performer


dog on a piano in soho


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