Frank Wott musician struggling to survive Name: Frank Wott

Where: I met Frank in New Orleans while playing on Royal Street. He walked up to me and we started jamming.

Age: 27 years old

Has been a college student in New Mexico for the past 9 years because he wasnt sure what he wanted to do with his life. Eventually he fell in love with making music using his guitar and has been going to Nursing school to become a Nurse.

Franks Dream: to be a working as a nurse— assisting doctors at a hospital working a few days a week and making a steady income. At the same time to be able to make music as often as possible by himself or with a band. Having a good group of friends as well as having the free time to spend time with the people he loves is important to Frank. By Becoming a Nurse and working 3 days a week it allows Frank to have a safe balance between work and play. Although, too much play could start to become an obstacle.

What are his obstacles: Frank has spent the last few years of his life searching for what he wants to do with his life. Unfortunately, the cost of a college education is very high in America and has forced him to take out loans that have inevitable put him into debt but allowed him to pursue an good education. His debt is what’s holding him back from progressing in his dreams and life

Below is song Frank was writing when I met him in New Orleans…