Union Square is one of my favorite spots in NYC. When I came back from my tour across America, I came to Union Square and played there for a few months. I met the people of the Greenmarket Farmers Market, the Superintendent, I even met all the Park Police (we had many conversations). Now, every time I come to Union Square, I see people I have seen before. There was one time I came out without Brando and I had about 17 people come up to me and ask me, "Where's the dog?" Brando steals the show every time!

Below are some of the fun times I had in Union Square.

dog on a piano dog nyc union square


piano man in union square dog pianodog


famous black and white shot piano man

I love this great Black and White shot, It really tells a story.

A Jewish Piano Celebration in Union Square

piano man and djembe player union square nyc piano dog

Playing piano with my friend Ed in Union Square

dog costume dog sweater dog piano dog nyc union square


dog on a piano mobile piano man


piano man union square nyc pianist drummer musician street performer

Playing in Union Square in January 2012

4 Hands 1 Piano

One day while I was playing piano in Union Square, One of my friends named Steve Kaplan, passed by. I asked him if he wants to play some piano with me and we ended up jamming for a few hours. We did it a bunch of times after that. Here is a video of us jamming in Union Square.

dotan negrin street performer musicians busker


andy warhol statue street performers street musicians buskers nyc union square

Playing with my friend Ernie

union square map busking street performing

Above are some of the locations I played at in Union Square

Fur Elise Variations

This is a great video that was taken by a man who spotted me. I know it was around Halloween time because that hat I'm wearing was part of my costume that week.