2nd major stop on my tour and the weather was looking beautiful that week. I called up one of my friends from college who put me up on her couch. I was so grateful to have friends in some of my cities.

map philly to dc

The Route to DC

people we met in philly


people we met in philly

People we met while playing in DC

map of dc places we played

The Places we played at in DC

dupont circle piano dc

Dupont Circle


Dupont circle

icon washington dc piano street

the Iconic photo taken by a fellow Photographer

pushing the piano in washington dc

Pushing the piano through DC

piano in dupont circle

piano at the verizon center

Playing Piano at the Verizon Center

leak in the truck

That week I discovered a huge leak in the back of my truck. It was a messy week, but I ended up getting some sealant and sealing it up. My fear was getting mold in the back of the truck and then sleeping in a moldy room.

myrtle beach nc

After leaving DC, we went to Myrtle Beach where we encountered plenty of tourist shops, a decent looking beach, and lots of Crab.