This was my first stop on my 5 month tour. I spent a week in Philadelphia and stayed at a friends house on Broad street. Philly is sort of a quiet city, so i didnt spent much time playing. I was adjusting to the traveling lifestyle and preparing for what was to come in the next couple of months.

The Route to Philly:

trip to Philly

philadelphia city hall

City Hall, Philadelphia

mode of transport- rollerblades

My means of Transportation- Rollerblades



pushing piano in Philly

pushing the piano

people we met in Philadelphia

People we met while playing in Philly. This man was such a nice guy. Great person to talk to.

love park philadelphia

Playing Piano in LOVE Park, Philadelphia. This was the first place I played at on my 5 month tour. You see the homeless man putting up a sign that he made for me. He was a wise homeless man and had some interesting words to say that inspired me on the rest o the trip.

love park philadelphia piano


These are the places where I slept and played piano in Philadelphia

3 homeless guys in philadelphia

3 Homeless guys I met at LOVE Park

italian market in morning Philadelphia

Italian Market in Philly

meeting tons of girls in Philadelphia

Brando and I were swarmed by a bunch of drunk girls out on the town in Old City

old city brando dog puppy piano

Dog on a Piano in Philly

playing in old city philadelphia

old city philadelphia

philly night old city