lonely piano in the middle of new york city

Learning Piano can be incredibly beneficial to your life in so many ways. When one studies music, you begin to open up doors to your creativity and a new side to yourself. (See: The Importance of Music in Your Life) Many scientific studies have proven that music has incredible effects on our mood and ability to learn.

Most importantly, Music can be learned at any age. I have met plenty of people who started learning an instrument at age 40 and found it to be a wonderful exploration of a whole new side of themselves. In fact, I started playing piano at age 18, unlike many of my friends who started at age 5.

I believe its good to meet with some instructors to get opinions on how to approach learning the piano. Talk to other musicians and find out ways to learn piano as efficiently as possible. If you have any questions: Contact me.

Here are some resources to get you started:

1. www.musictheory.net

This site has great ear trainers and tests to help you learn how to read any clef. Even more, it has tons of valuable information for anyone wanting to learn some Music Theory. Highly recommended for any level!

2. www.zebrakeys.com

ZebraKeys provides you with 50 beginner lessons to get you started with playing. Once you complete these, you can move on to the next step of learning your first songs.

3. www.free-online-piano-lessons.com

This site also has plenty of reading material for those who want to learn about Major and Minor scales, chords, Popular chord progressions, Learning how to read…

4. www.gmajormusictheory.org

A wonderful site with FREE workbooks and lessons to get you started on some Music theory. Very detailed and comprehensive lessons are available at this site. Created by an actual college music professor.

5. www.pianonanny.com

A site that has some basic lessons to get you started on music theory and improvising in Jazz music. Check it out!

I dont get paid to drive traffic to these sites. These recommendations are from my own experiences.