Here are a bunch of things that you didn't get to see in the Mashable or Buzzfeed article about Burning Man 2013. Some of these things that I saw on my exploration through the Playa were hidden and found in other worldly places...


Amazing Metal Work

amazing technology car speed demon vehicle burning man

 Massive Bass Couch

huge couch at burning man

Talk to God

talk to god booth things you missed at burning man

USSR Wooden Sputnik

ussr the sculpture sputnik sputnick burning man 2013 wow




believe sculpture metal burning man

 The HUG Deli

This was one of my favorites. Free customized Hugs

hug deli the hug deli burning man stand hugs ass

 Amazing Mosaic Spaceship

burning man alien ship and vehicle burning


The Church Trap

This was another one of my favorites. I had a reoccuring show that I would do every 2 hours at this spot....

inside the church trap

inside the church trap burning man 2013

inside the church trap burning man 2013

the church burning music organ church playa church trap burning man


vehicle dragon burning man

 Ryobi Back Massage!

ryobi massage at burning man

 Skeletal Whale-Animal-Thingy

sculpture of dinosaur at burning man whale


boring sign at burning man


shit at burning man stupid shit

 They took away our Insanity

insanity they're taking away our insanity burning man 2013

Sunrise Piano out on the Playa

 piano at burning man 2013



woman on a piano at burning man 2013


sun rise at burning man piano 2013