I recently took a trip to Far Rockaway to deliver supplies and food to those who lost their homes and I came back with photos and memories that blew me away. Big thanks to Nova and Malin Landeaus for providing us with clothing and food to deliver down there. Also a shout out to my buddy Andres Daza for coming with me to help out. We arrived at B138 Street and saw a street covered in 2 feet of sand. We spoke to someone who was emptying his house and he told us that there were some blocks that went up in flames because their gas tanks shattered. He also told us that when they first came outside there was 4 feet of water everywhere.

We then went to a church where there were people waiting on lines for food, huge piles of clothes everywhere, and people working to help those in need. I've never seen that many piles of clothes everywhere.

Speaking to many of the locals we heard stories that were appalling about the damage and deaths of people in the area.

Things werent very organized and there was definitely a shortage of people there to help. We met with these 2 girls who also had some supplies and went over to B15 where we heard they didnt get any aid. While walking through the area we spoke to some locals who let us set up shop on their property. We gave out toilet paper, food, hygiene items, clothes, and batteries.

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