Roadtrip #1 Stats

  • 15,000+ Miles

  • Stopped in 50 Cities

  • Played Piano in 32 Cities and 8 National Parks

  • 5 months of Travel

  • Date of Departure: April 4, 2011

  • Date of Return: Sept. 5, 2011

After spending 3 months healing from a piano falling on my hand in the middle of NYC, I was determined to make my dream of traveling across America with my upright piano come true. Most people would think twice after having a 400 lb piano fall on your hand, nearly ending your career. But I am a firm believer of "Risk. Fail. Risk Again."

In February of 2011, I bought my first Car with my savings. And no, its not the dream car you're thinking of. This is my first car:

this is my first car- a penske yellow box truck

I fitted the vehicle with carpeting, wood beams, and make it feel like a home.

Originally I intended to leave so I could make it to New Orleans before Mardi Gras, but things never work out the way you plan. I also didnt have enough money to go on a road trip. So I took another month to save and by April 4, 2011, I embarked on my journey. (Click on the Cities to see more photos)

Philadelphia, PA

Piano Philadelphia pennsylvania piano street

philadelphia piano street truck

Washington, DC


verizon center piano street


Playing piano at Dupont Circle

Charleston, SC

The Angel Oak Tree in Charleston

Athens, GA

New Orleans, LA

I fell in Love with New Orleans. I fell in love with the culture. I fell in love with the people. And most of all, I fell in love with the music. There is NOTHING like New Orleans and It is my second home (after New York City).

eating crawfish in New orleans

Check out the New Orleans Photo Album

Austin, TX

austin skyline

capital of austin piano man traveling piano

New Mexico

White Sands Desert is another amazing sight in America. new mexico desert white sands dog traveling piano man

traveling piano man desert road in new mexico

new mexico desert road traveling piano man

I never experience more isolation than this desert. This place was magical and it showed me that there is very much beauty in a vast desert of nothing. See the Story of Claunch, one of my favorite places on Earth.


people i met in albuquerque

See the Conversation with Mohawk Girl in Albuquerque

old town new mexico mexican dog

mexico chihuahua mix traveling piano dog piano man

 Santa Fe

June 2012

The Canyons:

I couldnt decide whether to go to the Grand Canyon or Bryce and Zion. Instead I decided to go to all three. It was well worth the trip.

Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park

I played in this amazing field of yellow and purple flowers. This was above 7000 feet in elevation

zion piano man field of dreams field of flowers piano traveling piano

zion national park amazing shot traveling piano man

Las Vegas

piano man vegas traveling piano man las vegas

Crazy Drunk Folk

traveling piano in vegas piano man dog piano

Los Angeles

I didnt have the greatest time in LA. I played at Venice Beach and at Hermosa Beach. The majority of my time was spent with my cousins who live out there and driving through traffic.

Driving Along I-1

One of the most amazing drive's on my trip was going along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Beautiful sights with plenty of dangerous curves up ahead.

pacific coast highway cliffs ocean i-1 california traveling piano

driving along i-1 pacific coast highway traveling piano man dog

traveling piano along coastal highway 1 pacific coast highway field of grapes winery

driving on i-1 pacific coast highway traveling piano

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is certainly one of my favorite small towns in America. I met so many musicians and down to earth people.

people in santa cruz musicians buskers street performers traveling pianist

deep and dark pianist homeless piano man traveling piano man

santa cruz traveling piano man traveling mobile piano dog

San Francisco

Someone spray painted my truck when I was in San Francisco. I was really pissed. But I got over it...

box truck graffiti cleaning graffiti how to remove graffiti

san francisco traveling piano man dog wall

The Redwoods

 Click Here for the Redwoods Photo Album

July 2012

Oregon Country Fair

oregon country fair traveling piano man

Check out the Photo Album from the Oregon Country Fair


First Thursday is a Street Art Fair that they do in Portland every month. The Streets were packed and I set up my piano fairly close to where all the action was happening. I met some really great people including a multi-millionaire who ended up taking us out for drinks afterwards.


Seattle was where I ran out of money. I decided that I am going to attempt to travel back home to New York City with only $2.82 in my bank account.

Read How I traveled Across America with only $2.82 in my Bank Account

Coeur d'Alene

coeur d'alene traveling piano pianist audience


Coeur d'alene piano man traveling piano man


Glacier National Park

One of the most beautiful places on Earth. This is another magical and nostalgic place. The history of this planet is engraved in this preserved land.

glacier national park mountains lake


traveling piano dog mountains glacier national park


glacier national park mountains waterfall traveling piano man


glacier national park montana amazing sight beautiful mountains traveling piano dog


Jackson, WY

Within the 36 hours I stayed in Jackson, Wyoming, I met more than 25 people and had some really amazing conversations. I didnt even play piano there, but I met so many people by walking around and being the outgoing person that I am.

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Tetons

Salt Lake City, UT



Independence Pass




The Midwest

Sunflower Field

Chicago, IL


New York City

Traveling to more than 60 cities in America made me appreciate New York City that much more. New York has Everything and there is absolutely no place like New York in the entire world!

November 21, 2012

Roadtrip #2 to Florida:

I received a call from an artist i once worked for and he needed someone to deliver his paintings to the Art Basel Festival in Miami, Florida. I was perfect for the job and I figured that while I was getting paid to deliver these paintings why not bring my piano down and play around town?

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