An Album of the many people We've met and Talked to all across America. met in Philadelphia

Met this man and his daughter in Philadelphia

Met this juggling man in Athens, Georgia

Jammed out at Kevins house in Atlanta, Georgia

Jamming on the streets of New Orleans

Played with this bass player in New Orleans

washington dc

Aprica sang a few tunes with me in DC.

Met a few barefoot travelers in Athens, Georgia

Jammed with this Kentucky man in Athens, Georgia

Played with a violinist and a girl who played the saw in Athens, Georgia

Met this group in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

These people were from South Dakota.

Met Steve at a Starbucks Parking lot in Washington State. He played a few tunes on his guitar and we sang together

Met this cute baby in Portland Oregon.

Jammed with this sax player in Iowa. I even met his parents too.

Met this crazy group in Des Moines, Iowa

This guy sang with me in Berkley California


This guy was insane! Met him in Berkley, CA


Spoke to this homeless man with the beard. He rapped for me and told me that he was schizophrenic.

grants pass

Met these great people in Grants Pass, Oregon.


I met Brannon in Charleston, South Carolina. He's a good hearted man.

new orleans

Met this lovely old woman when she was sitting on her porch in New Orleans.

las vegas

Met these guys in Vegas.

las vegas

Crazy drunks in Vegas. This guy actually played some piano!

santa fe

Spoke with these flute players in Santa Fe.


This man was a traveling musician as well.


Girl with the Mohawk.

albuquerque new mexico

Man who bikes around the world.

foster in new orleans

This is Foster. He was homeless. At least he looked homeless, but he had a cell phone and hooked me up with some connected when I arrived in Austin.

portland oregon

Met this humble man in Portland, Oregon during the First Thursday Festivals. The conversation you see we're having inspired me so much. And reminded me about the power of helping people.

Met Steve the Harper in Glacier National park

met couple in Aspen

Met this wonderful couple while I was in Aspen for 2 days. They really helped me out and I was so thankful that I met them.

Met people in Boulder colorado

Met this bunch in Boulder, Colorado. Great people.