The reason why Athens, Georgia is one of my favorite small towns is because within such a small city lives a vibrant, young, and exciting place. Athens is home to one of the biggest party schools in America: The University of Georgia. Within the small downtown area are over 100 restaurants, music venues and bars providing endless nightlife to all who visit the town. On weekends, people from the outskirts of Georgia come out to stroll the streets and listen to some of the musicians who stop by on their tours.

What makes Athens so unique is the diversity that lives in the town. There are 2 sides to the people. Theres are the locals and then there are the students who only live there for 4 months at a time.

In my opinion, Athens is the place to be when you're young. I would recommend visiting Athens while school is still in session. In the summer it can get fairly hot and humid, and the city is pretty empty.

I found it incredibly easy to meet people when I was there. Southern Hospitality truly exists in the locals. On top of that I met over 10 musicians and got to jam with some of them in the week that I visited.

jamming in athens georgia

dog on a piano in athens georgia

athens georgia at night

I was featured in Athens, Georgia's magazine: Flagpole Magazine! Read the article Here:

flagpole magazine

This is a rough cut of April 24 (7:30 PM- 3 AM) when I brought my piano onto the streets of Athens, Georgia. One crazy night of drunken people everywhere.