After playing in Little Italy and getting booted from my corner spot, I went towards Chinatown. I never played in Chinatown and figured, why not. In fact on that beautiful Memorial day, there were more people passing through this intersection than anywhere else in the area. I was a bit confused about where to go. The city was practically empty because of Memorial Day and it was really hot so we needed to be in the shade. I just went walking and found a great corner on Bowery and Grand to play at. As I was walking I met these 2 Mexican guys who I spoke some Spanish with and they really liked Brando.

The people were really nice. Many of the Chinese folk would come by and walk my hands in action. There was even a guy named Dr. Jerry who came up to me with a $20 bill. He was so excited about my project and about giving to others that he took my card and told me he would call me to possibly collaborate on a music project he was doing.




Dog on a piano in Chinatown NYC traveling pianist