I've never played at this spot before and when I saw the little street fair, I knew I had to bring the keys and play. On Memorial day, May 28th, I took my mini white piano over with Brando. It was a blazing hot day and by the time I walked the 5 blocks I was drenched in sweat. I set up my piano on Mulberry and Spring on the corner of this little Italian Market. The Streets were lightly filled with tourists browsing.

I played for about an hour before a Security guard for the Little Italy Street Fair came over and told me to leave. He said that the vendors were complaining that I was taking away the attention from them. I told the security that I was legally allowed to play there and that I will set up on the other side of the street.

I set up on the other side and we started getting even bigger crowds. 30 minutes into my second set 2 more security guards came over and told me that they were complaining and that I must leave. I didnt want to give them a hard time so I packed up and headed East to Chinatown..

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These are the Security Guards telling me to leave Little Italy because the Vendors were complaining...piano dog little italy nyc traveling piano mobile piano

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traveling dog and piano man mobile piano nyc little italy

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