practice makes perfect preparation I had a conversation with someone who was making the same mistake over and over again on the piano. And what I told her is that because she wasnt practicing correctly from the beginning she has ingrained in her mind that the wrong fingering is right.

In a way she has to erase what she learned and correct the mistake.

This brings up the point above: The way you practice and prepare defines your outcome. Which basically means that what you do in the beginning of a project is more important than the end result. If you dont pay attention to this, you are setting yourself up for mistakes which will in turn force you to go backward and relearn things. This applies to Everything and Anything. Not just in learning the piano.

The same applies for a group activity or business project. If you sit down with your group and flush out all the details by being very specific about the actions you will take to arrive at your desired results, you will avoid many of the arguments that would ensure if you hadnt made that preparation. Its important to discuss all the details before taking any action. Rushing will only get you to make something that isnt fully developed.

Preparation is everything.

One of my piano teachers once told me a story of how he was able to play a Bach piece incredibly fast because of how he practiced the same piece really slow for an entire week. His mind put the puzzles pieces together so that he could play it at any speed and any way he wanted. It shows you that if you rush and are impatient, you will only set yourself up for disaster.

“Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.”

Martha Graham


“It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice.”

Eric Lindros