We were near the end of our Costa Rica tour while in Dominical, Costa Rica, so we figured, why not head all the way to Corcovado National Park?

How many times will we come back to Costa Rica?

Looking at the map, it didn't seem like a difficult thing to achieve with a few days left.

Its only 168 km.

So we continued south.

Little did we know what we were up against.

These were the most difficult roads I have ever driven on!

We were in the middle of the jungle!

The Photos below are only some of the obstacles that we faced while driving to Bahia Drake.

Torrential downpours,

Massive Trees in the road,

2 Flat tires,

Driving through 4 Rivers and over 3 rickety bridges...

raining and downpour in costa rica


rickety bridges middle of nowhere where are we?


At one point on this journey we reached a really steep hill. I tried going up slowly but the car would get stuck about halfway. So I went all the way back, pick up enough speed and was able to get over the hill. Thats where the flat time came from. It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time because I kept wondering if we would be able to get back...


dangerous roads and hills flat tires driving through central america


crossing rivers to get to bahia drake costa rica traveling travel roadtrip

trees in the road


crossing rivers to get to bahia drake

bahia drake must see how to get to bahia drake by car


sunset corcovado untouched land beautiful beach bahia drake dominical costa rica