One rule I learned while traveling across America is to rarely take major highways. I always try to stick to the back-roads which are usually empty with the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see. Trust me on this one…

1. Independence Pass in Colorado

You’ll drive through dense forests of Aspen trees that stare back at you. The elevation reaches above 12,000 feet on this road, being one of the tallest roads in America. You will zig-zag around dangerous curves and stumble upon a wide open scenic view of lakes and streams. It almost feels like you’re flying in a plane. I would recommend driving through here in the summer because it can get really cold in the winter. SEE MORE PHOTOS

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2. Going to the Sun Road in Montana

When we climbed up the steep mountain road and saw the view. This road overlooks the 1,000,000 acres of Glacier National park and some of the most beautiful mountains you will ever see in America. There are even some surprises along the way as you drive along this 50 mile road. The spectacular views from high up in the mountains give you an in depth look into the story of how those massive Glaciers traveled north. This is a must see! –> MORE PHOTOS <–

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3. Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway in Utah

In order to drive through this road your vehicle will have to be measured so you can pass through the tunnel. And once you come out, you will be in awe of the mammoth rock walls looking down upon you like little ants. Why this is so amazing is because its as if they built a road in a place where a road could never be imagined. It reminded me a bit of Independence pass but with beautiful red and orange sandstone instead of forests. SEE MORE PHOTOS

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4. State Route 14 in New Mexico

This road is one of my biggest secrets. I’m sure you wont find many people talking about this place. It takes a certain level of appreciation to enjoy this place. Dont expect to see mountains and lush forests. This road goes through a beautiful expansive desert in New Mexico unlike anything I have ever seen. I loved this road so much because I’ve never experienced such pure isolation and silence. I didnt see a single human being for 4 hours. Born in New York City, you can see why I am so attracted to this.

On top of all that, it passed through a very small desert town of about 65 people named Claunch. I remember standing in the middle of the street, honking my horn just to meet a single human being, but no one responded.

See the story of Claunch for more photos

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5. Pacific Coast Highway in California

Its always a sunny day out. It just depends on which side of the clouds you’re on. I’ll never forget the feeling of driving slowly along this cliff overlooking the rocky beaches of Northern California. One moment you’re driving above the clouds and the next you’re descending below again. Plenty of sharp turns that will take you to some expansive views of the colorful coastline. You will also pass the famous Big Sur where you can take a hike to some secluded beaches with interesting geology. SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE

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