The woman who never left home

This story happened in 2010, before Piano Across America, on my first Solo Roadtrip to Florida from New York. I saw the sign for South of the Border while driving south on I-95 one night and decided to check it out, as everyone does once in their lives.

I pulled into the Mexican restaurant parking lot and walked inside. The place was empty. Nothing but tables and chairs and a little white haired lady with a southern accent who told me I could sit anywhere I'd like.

I ordered the burrito, because thats what I normally get at other Mexican restaurants. And while I waited for the food to come out, I started talking to the lady about how crazy the whole place looked. It was sort of like a low budget, Mexican themed Disneyland.

My burrito came out and thats all it was, just a simple burrito. Nothing fancy. As I ate the woman asked me where I'm from and I told her I was from New York. She talked about how she saw New York City in pictures but never had the desire to go up and see it.

"Why dont you want to see New York City?" , I asked.

She said, "Too many people. I've never been out of South Carolina my entire life. Why would I want to travel around the world? Have you watched the news? People dying everywhere, killing each other left and right. I dont want nothing to do with that."

I'll never forget the phrase that came out of her mouth. I was in shock. Complete disbelief.

The world around you is all based on your perceptions.