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This is what you Missed at Burning Man 2015

For those of you that dont know what Burning Man is, it is a festival of festivals. But really, its not a festival at all. It is a city. Every year more than 70,000 people gather in a Nevada desert and build a city with a gifting economy. Whats a gifting economy? It means that there is no currency and there is no trade. Its about sharing and giving to others. 

But what makes Burning man so incredible is that almost everything and anything you can think of exists there. If you want to hear classical music, it exists. Jazz? No problem! Naked Yoga? Sure! Why not?

And to make things even more interesting you're in a sweltering desert with dust storms which make things really difficult sometimes. This year there was a dust storm with 60 mph winds that sent a support beam flying through a windshield. This is no joke! It can get dangerous out there. 

I've been to Burning Man twice and every year is just as interesting as the last. There is always something new to discover and there is no way for you to see it all. 

I made this video to give you an insider look to what happens at Burning man. 

Music by Prismatic Mantis