I started using Periscope on a daily basis about 2 months ago and since then incredible things have been happening to me. 

Making music on the streets is one of the best ways to meet people and over the course of 5 years I've made hundreds of friends all over the world. 


But something changed when I started using Periscope. Instantly I had the ability to broadcast my live performances to the world and I found myself performing in front of hundreds of people almost overnight. It was as if I was able to transport everyone onto the streets of New york city with me to experience the interactions I was having with people. 

I started receiving emails from those that were inspired by my story and people were even sending me money. One time a woman randomly showed up while I was playing piano in New York City and gave me a brand new keyboard. A week later I found myself at her apartment making grilled cheese!


I also became good friends with a fellow Periscoper, Geoff Golberg and we hung out on his rooftop to look at the Empire State Building.

Geoff introduced me to a bunch of other interesting people who were using Periscope like Chris Strub. Chris has been volunteering at different non-profit organization all over the United States and connected me with Opportunity Village in Las Vegas who invited me to make music with some of the people they help. 

I recently attended Summit Live, a Live stream conference, where I met other power users of Periscope. I spoke to a bunch of Entrepreneurs about how to make more money, I attended a few keynotes and heard some incredible stories, and we even had a bunch of wild jam sessions.

Although its less than a year old, Periscope is already a robust community of people doing interesting things and talking about what they love.  If you're not on it, you should totally get on and see what everyone is talking about. 

Below you'll find a video of some of the the highlights of the last 2 months using this amazing app. 

You can find me on Periscope @PianoAround.