What does it mean to Improvise your Life?

I started using this phrase because of the feeling of complete freedom I got when I traveled across America without a plan or without any specific time limit. I just sort of went with the flow and made decisions impulsively and on the spot.

Improvise your life is also a little play on words. In many ways you can improve your life if you stop planning every moment and live within the moment, letting life guide you.

I remember a moment when I was driving through New Mexico and came across a bunch of bikers at a rest spot. They told me to take a different route going north. And without much research I went with it impulsively. That same road led me to discover an amazing strip of mesmerizing desert where I experienced the most amazing sense of solitude ever in my entire life. Read more about that amazing desert, here.

mesmerizing desert in new mexico

Of course its not always good to live impulsively and improvise. I believe its important to have a balance of routine and improvisation in life. I find that when I fall into some sort of routine pattern, I get restless and need some kind of jolting change to reinvigorate my life.

Since returning from my travels, I've become much more spiritual in my thinking. Its not something I can really explain logically, but there were many moments where I felt as if I was meant to meet certain people and have certain conversations. There were many moments I had while traveling that felt like it was meant to be. And I think it had alot to do with the fact that I was open to anything happening. Many people will justify it as God placing these things there and that is fine. Everyone has their own interpretation: It is all relative.

I find that sometimes in life it can be incredibly freeing not knowing or having some sort of explanation for everything. There is a sense of risk that is invigorating when you are open to letting life guide you and introduce new people, places, and things in your path.

Explore this idea on your own. Take some risks (within reason). Try something different today. Meet someone new. But be reasonable with yourself and take baby steps. You have nothing to lose .

Improvise Your Life.

What do you think of this?

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