I have often been asked how I can afford to travel the world and still eat every day. Well, first things first, eating throughout the world is remarkably cheap when you cast aside the American version of dining.  But yes, money helps and since my parents are not wealthy and I have grown accustomed to eating every day, not just some, I do need to make a penny or two.  Between myself and other travelers, I’ve picked up a few tips on making money on the go and I’d like to share them with you today.

1. Upwork.com

This site is probably the most reliable and serves as a one-stop shop for whatever skill you might have to offer.  Writing blogs, coding websites, or for goodness sake just editing someone’s novel, you literally can make money anywhere you have an internet connection.  The more you work, the better reputation you get and the more money you can make.

2. YouTube.com

I have made a penny or two on YouTube and that is not an example of myself being humble.  Literally, I have made a penny or two.  Thankfully, because I operate in the world of music YouTube has been kind to me and I can honestly make some decent money through this platform. I have friends who are making around $500k a year making videos and doing brand deals. Anything is possible on YouTube as people can even make money showing others what they eat for dinner. I’m not kidding, it’s insane. If you can find your audience, you can make money on YouTube, I guarantee it.   

3. WritersAccess.com

This is a site which focuses specifically on writing and can often draw in some pretty high profile clients.  But if you have an internet connection, you can make some pretty good coin writing for major brands here.  It takes a little time to establish your reputation, but once you do you just might find yourself travelling the world on an American-sized budget.

4. Teach English using ChinaProgram.org/

Teaching English in Asia has become very popular in the last 10 years and some say the golden years are over. But I would recommend for you to find out for yourself. There are a variety of programs that offer this option and the only downside is that you are often restricted to a fixed location.  However, if you can find an accredited program to teach English in say, China, the entire Far East is open for exploration on your time off.  The income is fixed and reliable which is a major plus for those traveling the world on a budget. 

5. Street Performing

If you like to live dangerously, then let me welcome you to the world of working for tips.  As a musician, I have regularly started a performance having no idea how I’m going to pay for dinner and before it is done I know I’ll eat and sleep well that night.  Music is an international language and if you are committed, it is entirely possible to have your dinner or lodging paid for by a night’s performance. Some consider such a moment to moment existence scary, but I find it thrilling. And you dont have to limit yourself to Music. You can pull out a vintage typewriter and write poetry for passerbys. 

6. Squarespace eCommerce

I mention Squarespace because it is what I use, but basically the premise is to start a website and sell products.  Keep in mind that when travelling the world your expenses are basically lodging and food.  Consequently, you don’t have to become the next Amazon to live or eat.  Find your passion and connect with others who find it congruent with their own.  You might not buy a BMW on any given day, but you will be able to afford dinner and hotel room with a soft bed.

7. eBay.com

Sell stuff, pretty simple, not hard to figure out.  Chances are, you have a room full of belongings back home while you trek across Asia and if your Xbox is collecting dust on your shelf, just sell it. The good thing about eBay is that it has been around long enough to be trusted by customers.  They don’t even have to know you are a half a world away.  Sell your old stuff, and live a new life today.

8. Craigslist.org

Similar to the eBay premise, you can sell just about anything here.  All you typically need is someone back home available to help you ship it out or meet up to collect the cash.  I know your collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls is important to you, but if you can sell them for some coin today and travel through Europe I have an informed suspicion that you won’t be disappointed. But honestly, you can even buy something at a foreign market and sell it the same day for a profit. It is possible.

9. Travel Blogging

I saved the last two because I don’t want to fool you into thinking that traveling the world and making money is a simple task.  But yes, some people can make quite an amazing living just traveling the world and writing about it.  You can cash in through ad revenue, product reviews, or even sponsored endorsements.  However, it is entirely possible and more common than you would think.  It just requires hustle and a sense of adventure.

10. Eating Pizza

Yes, there is currently a man traveling the world making money from his Instagram account because he eats pizza in every country to which he travels.  Now, I have no idea how this is possible, to be honest, but I wanted to highlight it to show you that even the inexplicable is possible when you have passion.  This man eats pizza, but perhaps there is a market for your favorite food just waiting to be tapped.

So there you have it, I travel the world so I can gift music to the world but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to grind it out and earn a buck.  I wrote this post for no other reason than to encourage you to embrace the possible. Yes, it can be hard, but the possible can literally open up the entire world for you exploration.

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