Look at her butt its so big

This is an ongoing collection of Funny Billboards and Signs we saw while traveling Across America. I thought this was a very clever Billboard.

hell I forgot

Hell... I'd Forgotten about that. There were tons of these religious billboard in Georgia.

prison area no hitchhikers

"I saw this guy in an Orange suit and he looked like he needed a ride..."

vote republican funny sign

As if Republicans have all the Answers to our problems... Yeah right.

funny graffitti in the bathroom funny signs

Dont be Afraid to Let your Farts be Heard

g'day mate crazy aussies

Saw these road trippers while heading to New Orleans

worst college in the world

Dine College. Where your Future Begins (Are you sure about that? Look At this place!)

Join the Army

I was pretty shocked when I saw this. It treads on the border of Funny and Really Not Funny at all.

I'm busy now

I'm Busy Now... Can I Ignore you some other time? I saw this one at a Drive Thru.

crazy republican home republican funny sign
All Trespassers will be shot crazy republican home

This is funny because someone actually put the time to set these signs up. I was a bit hesitant when I walked on his property to take this photo.