My name is Dotan Negrin and my Mission is make playing Piano cool again.


For the last 5 years I've been doing the impossible and traveling the world with a piano. I've traveled through 400 cities and played in Extraordinary places. 

But what has made this journey so incredible are the Musicians I share the piano with. 


I have received plenty of media coverage for my journey and am currently talking with a production company about a creating a documentary series about unique musicians around the world. 

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I am also a Social Media Expert with 10 years of experience and experiments. 

Some of the clients I have created content for include Goodyear Tires and Dark Horse Wines.

There are multiple ways to work together!

  • Promote your brand through my social media outlets. (See below)

  • Work with your social media team to create customized beautiful pieces of content.

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For more information you can email me at or call 516-880-5769

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