In 2010, I set off on a quest to see if I could Live my life doing the things I love 100% of the time. 


I started playing my piano at Union square park in New York city but the funny thing was:

I wasn't very good at piano.

But there was something about Music that felt right. 

I fell in love with music because of the way jazz musicians were able to make you feel emotions without words and I wanted to be able to create that effect in people. 

Since I started this journey, Extraordinary things have been happening  to me. 

I was meeting people from all over the world every single day.

Some days I would meet 50-100 people. 

Some People would invite me to have dinner with their families

I became fluent in Spanish and got into making short films.

But, of course, It wasnt all good times.

I went through massive failures,  got robbed once (or twice), and A piano fell on my hand in the middle of NYC.


Playing music on the streets is the greatest Ice breaker EVER and over the course of 5 years I've met thousands of people and heard amazing stories but I was also having experiences unlike anyone else. 

I meet people every day now, sometimes on the street, other times through social media.

I once met this man while playing piano on the edge of a cliff in California who invited me for dinner with a bunch of big Tech executives. 

In Siena, Italy I met this guy who loved what I was doing so much that he took me out for a 5 course dinner overlooking the hills.

In Dominican Republic I connected with a guy on the beach and he invited me to fly his airplane!

I didnt just go to travel the world... I've been on a Lifelong Mission.

And what I discovered is that I am a storyteller and creator in so many ways.

My mission now is to continue to tell stories and inspire people to find their true calling in Life.

Right now I’ve taken some time off from traveling to Live in Los Angeles and finish off my Music album. 

I’m really into Live broadcasting and I do live concerts from the Malibu mountains sometimes.

Below are some of my best videos: