In 2010, I set off on a quest to see if I could Live my life doing the things I love 100% of the time. I started playing my piano at Union square park in New York city but the funny thing was: I wasn't very good at piano. But there was something about Music that felt right. I fell in love with music because of the way jazz musicians were able to make you feel emotions without words and I wanted to be able to create that effect in people. Since I started this journey, Extraordinary things have been happening  to me.

Playing music on the streets is the greatest Ice breaker EVER and over the course of 5 years I've met thousands of people and heard amazing stories but I was also having experiences unlike anyone else. I meet people every day now, sometimes on the street, other times through social media. I didnt just go to travel the world... I've been on a Lifelong Mission and what I discovered is that I am a storyteller and creator in so many ways. My mission now is to continue to tell stories and inspire people to find their true calling in Life.